Loredana: 47 years old,
lives near Augsburg
Training: every day
❤ Class: All of them 😊
Loredana, what is your personal success?

Apart from the few kilograms I’ve lost, I also feel much fitter and more well-adjusted. In addition, my posture has improved and, despite my desk job, my back pain is completely gone. Sport gives me the power to successfully get through the day, which is not always easy with three children.

Why did you decide to begin training with CYBEROBICS?

I joined during the first lockdown in March 2020. That’s when I saw an ad on Facebook and decided to try the free trial directly. I was impressed by the wide range of courses on offer even back then. Right after the trial, I took out a membership subscription.

How did CYBEROBICS help you to achieve your goal?

I have always enjoyed sport, and this has only increased due to the competent, motivating CYBEROBICS coaches. I also appreciate the flexibility: Thanks to the Collection, I can train whenever I want. But what I like best is the social aspect: A real community has arisen based on the communication between members and the direct contact to the coaches. Our community get-together in September 2021 was definitely my highlight of the year!


Have you already decided on your next goal?

Not yet. Maybe I’ll end up coaching myself, since I got my trainer certificate back when I was studying.

Do you have any tips for self-motivation?

Just join in! Training with CYBEROBICS is a lot of fun. As soon as you see your first results, you’ll really get a feel for how much it benefits you. The wide range of classes also ensures that you will always find one that’s the right length and at the right time for you.