Health Advise

Users undertake to use all CYBEROBICS content at their own risk. In any case, good general health without health-related restrictions is a prerequisite for the use of our content. If you are not sure, please talk to your doctor before starting a CYBEROBICS training.

The following general rules apply: Challenge your body without overtaxing it. Always pay attention to your body’s signals and take a break if you feel uncomfortable or in pain during an exercise. The courses are led by a virtual trainer. That’s why it is especially important that you perform the exercises exactly as instructed and follow the movements of your virtual trainer. Drink before you get thirsty to ensure adequate hydration at all times.

CYBEROBICS was designed and implemented by experts according to the latest findings of sports science to keep your body fit and healthy. However, in the case of chronic or acute illnesses, we strongly recommend consulting a doctor in advance and abstaining from CYBEROBICS temporarily or completely. This applies in particular if you are aware of one or more of the following illnesses/complaints/medical procedures or restrictions:


Special instructions for photosensitivity:

A very small percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain visual stimuli, such as flashing lights or patterns that appear in our Classes. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy can have an undiagnosed condition that causes these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” when they view such content.
If you experience any of these symptoms, stop exercising immediately and seek medical attention:


We recommend taking a break from CYBEROBICS training if you have any of the following conditions: